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Our team provides your business with up-to-date information on contracting opportunities and government bidding from thousands of public entities in the United States.

We are not part of any government organization, but we search out information made available by government agencies and other public entities at all levels regarding public bids. We capture that information and make it immediately available to our customers. As a subscriber you will be notified by email regarding new bid invitations from the numerous entities we monitor that match the types of goods and services you offer. Subscribers can also access the complete nationwide database of information at any time through simple online searches from our website.

The information we make available covers publicly announced invitations to bid, requests for proposals, requests for qualifications, and recently awarded contracts from all agencies of federal, state, county and municipal levels of government, as well as thousands of other publicly funded entities such as school systems, airports, ports, hospitals, utility districts, libraries, metro systems, boards, commissions and others.

Our coverage area includes the largest 70 metro areas in the United States (check out of coverage area), and our industry coverage represents all types of goods and services purchased by public entities. This service offers the most comprehensive source of public bidding information in each of our coverage areas.

We also offer some basic resources to assist you in the bidding process (go to resources), and provide subscribers with links to several resources to help small, veteran owned, minority owned, historically underutilized (HUD), local, women owned and disadvantaged (DBE) businesses successfully bid on public contracts.

We want to be your gateway to government bidding in the U.S.! Subscriptions begin at $25/month and you can save up to 25% by signing up for an annual plan. All plans begin with a 7 day free trial.