BID 19-36 Oakton Street Water Supply Connection

BID ITB-19-36-0-2019/jro
City of Evanston IL
Due Date : Thursday July 11th, 2019

Work on this project includes furnishing all labor, materials, equipment, supplies, and services for open-cut installation of approximately 2,500 feet of new 24-inch water transmission main, installation of a new below-grade flow meter vault, and demolition of approximately 2,700 feet of 6- and 10-inch water main including fire hydrants and water services. Work also includes horizontal directional drilling of two water services, installation of isolation valves and one blow-off assembly, installation of cathodic protection, traffic control, erosion and sedimentation control, storm and sanitary sewer replacement with water main quality pipe, restoration of roadways, restoration of landscape, and restoration of other existing utilities. “Please see bid link for more information”

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Working With: City of Evanston

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