Construction and Aggregation-to- Term Financing for CDG Solar Projects

State of New York NY
Due Date : Friday December 30th, 2022

A Request For Proposals (“Construction and Aggregation-to-Term Financing for Community Distributed Generation Solar Projects”) targeted at developers and/or owners of solar photovoltaic projects that: (i) are in advanced stages of development; (ii) form part of the Community Distributed Generation Program; (iii) are compensated under the Value of Distributed Energy Resources Phase One Tariff, (iv) comply with all applicable provisions established under the Uniform Business Practices for Distributed Energy Resource Suppliers; (v) generate power using Tier 1 panels; (vi) earn revenue by selling volumetric or monetary credits to project members under revenue contracts; and (vii) are 500 kWac to 2 MWac in size, ground-mounted, canopy-mounted or non-residential rooftop projects at a single location.

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Working With: State of New York

Entity Contact: Procurement Department