District 4 Crack Seals 2019

BID 730-33934-19
Department of Transportation OR
Due Date : Tuesday July 2nd, 2019

ODOT is seeking one qualified contractor to seal cracks in pavement in various locations in ODOT District 4. Bidders shall provide pricing and other information on the forms provided in the Invitation to Bid. Click on the Attachments Exist folder to download the Invitation to Bid and attachments. “Please see bid link for more information” http://orpin.oregon.gov/open.dll/showDisplayDocument?sessionID=501271467&disID=2064065&docType=Tender&dis_version_nos=0&doc_search_by=Tend&fromSearchScreen=Y&docTypeQual=ITx08

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Working With: Department of Transportation

Entity Contact: Matthew Garrett