Early Childhood Mental Health Network Concept Paper

New York City NY
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The solicitation will seek five borough-based providers to establish and embed Early Childhood Treatment Centers (ECTC) within their existing operation. The ECTCs will be staffed with specialists who provide services to children age five and under and their families. Two types of services would be provided: • Early childhood mental health consultation in partnership with early care and education. • Primary care coupled with home visiting programs, and mental health treatment within the clinical setting. Therapies would be evidence based, relational-based, dyadic, and incorporate family treatment models. ECTC vendors would have a minimum of three (3) years of experience as providers of early childhood mental health treatment services, with expertise in serving young children and their families. Vendors should be licensed through the State Office of Mental Health as an Article 31 clinic. However, Article 28 and 16 clinics that have demonstrated experience providing and generating reimbursements for mental health treatment services will also be considered.Providers will be required to serve children age five and under, and their adult family members. The solicitation will also seek one Citywide Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC)to provide/coordinate trainings, provide technical assistance, execute quality improvement activities, and implement learning forums for ECTC contractors, mental health clinicians in other clinics, and allied professionals in other agencies that are responsible for young children’s health, welfare, education, and social/emotional well-being.

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