Henderson Park Club House Re-Roof (Snelling Branch Library)

Merced County CA
Due Date : Ongoing

In general, this project comprises removal of existing wood shakes, furring strips, rigid insulation, and related roofing materials to expose existing sheathing/decking on the main roof and installing new asphalt composition shingles with roofing paper on existing main roof. Replacement of built-up roofing on patio roof and dry rotted framing and/or sheathing with new roofing material and framing per plans. Add Alternate #1: Remove existing wood shakes, building paper, repair/replace dry rot sheathing and/or framing, install new asphalt composition shingles over new roofing paper. All work (demolition and construction) shall be limited to the weekdays of Monday – Thursday only. The facility shall be made safe to occupy by the general public for the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Original Document: Visit Document

Working With: Merced County

Entity Contact: Kim Nausin
Email: KNausin@co.merced.ca.us