Improving Women’s, Children’s and Family Health Through Community-Based Breastfeeding and Family Planning Education and Promotion Concept Paper

New York City NY
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The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) aims to promote the health of women, children and families through breastfeeding and family planning promotion, education and support. Therefore, a solicitation will be issued for vendors to provide community-level activities related to the promotion of breastfeeding and family planning in targeted areas of New York City; a vendor will also be solicited to coordinate and support the efforts of the vendors selected in the areas of breastfeeding and family-planning promotion. The solicitation will seek one (1) lead vendor per borough to provide breastfeeding services, and one (1) lead vendor per borough to provide family planning education services in the targeted NYC neighborhoods specified below where the majority of residents are low income and consistently have low rates of breastfeeding exclusivity and duration, and high rates of unintended pregnancies. It is anticipated that each lead vendor would subcontract with CBOs within their borough to ensure adequate service provision. Proposers should be CBOs in NYC that have at least five years of experience providing similar services. Vendors may propose to provide both breastfeeding promotion and family planning education services; however, proposers can propose services in only one of the five boroughs of the City. Proposers must serve a majority of the following target communities within the borough they propose to serve: Brooklyn: Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick, East New York, Brownsville Bronx: Mott Haven, Hunts Point, Morrisania, Concourse/Highbridge, University/Morris Heights, East Tremont Manhattan: Central Harlem, East Harlem Queens: Jackson Heights, Elmhurst/Corona, Jamaica/St Albans, the Rockaways Staten Island: Howland Hook/Rosebank, Willowbrook Additionally, the solicitation will seek one (1) vendor to coordinate (“Coordinator”) the activities of the vendors providing breastfeeding and family planning services under this initiative. This work will include quality assurance and improvement, developing CBO work plans, creating training curricula, conducting site visits and leading in-person and online learning sessions throughout the duration of the contracts. Proposers for the Coordinator function must have at least five years of experience developing and overseeing large, successful community collaborative projects consisting of multiple, diverse organizations working to achieve public health goals. Proposers proposing for the Coordinator option of the solicitation may not also propose for the breastfeeding or family planning options. The goal of the solicitation is to improve the health of women, children and families by encouraging and promoting breastfeeding and family planning. The objectives of the solicitation include: • Increasing community resident knowledge of, and support for, breastfeeding, and implementing community-wide practices that promote and support breastfeeding. • Increasing community resident knowledge of, and support for, family planning, including sexual and reproductive health education and rights, overall health and wellness, birth spacing, pre-/inter-conception health, and access to, and use of, effective contraception to ensure that all women and their partners, regardless of life circumstances or ability to pay, can make informed choices about their reproductive health and act on those choices.

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