Mobile Wayfinding Project

RFX RFP-219-05-012-SVC
University Health System TX
Due Date : Friday June 28th, 2019

As the Health System begins working on the new Women and Children’s tower, they are looking for a partner to provide a comprehensive mobile wayfinding solution to replace their existing app, as well as enhance door-to-door wayfinding. Currently the 700 occupied beds at University Hospital are divided between three towers – Rio, Horizon and Sky. With numerous elevators and countless hallways, navigating between departments and services is challenging even for staff members. Construction on the new tower will continue over the next three years. As a critical component to their patient-centered strategy, this solution will not only alleviate the burden of wayfinding for staff, visitors and patients during construction, but also provide a lasting digital solution for all their information needs. “Please see bid link for more information”

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Working With: University Health System

Entity Contact: Irene Maldonado