Office Space Lease

BID 110613--27-1-02
Washington County PA
Due Date : Ongoing

The lessor shall provide and operate all building equipment and systems in accordance with applicable technical publications, manuals, and standard procedures. Mains, lines, and meters for utilities shall be provided by the lessor. Exposed ducts, piping, and conduits are not permitted in office space. Color selection of all finished materials; i.e., wallcoverings, carpet, laminated surfaces, paint, venetian blinds, trim, etc., will be the choice of the county. Lessor to provide selection samples. The space requested shall be considered in accordance with requirements as herein set forth. These documents shall not be construed as complete plans and specifications. The county will consider the proposal which most affords a smooth office setting at the most reasonable cost. It will be the responsibility of the lessor to retain the services of a registered licensed architect, to obtain all required permits, approval necessary and to comply with all codes and regulations applicable to the space requested. After final drawings, and specifications have been approved by the county, changes can only be made through agreement of the lessor and the county.

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