BID 102913-Paver
Washington County PA
Due Date : Ongoing

Layton, Model H-500C Tow Paver or Approved Equal to include the following minimum requirements: Height – 4′ Length – 6′ Width – 8′ Weight (basic Machine) – 2700 lbs Hopper – flexible, 3 ton storage capacity Spread depth – 0″ – 10″ (four settings) Spread Width – 8′ – 12′ (2′ adjustable extensions, both sides) Screed Plate – Bolt-on type, reversible, 360-400 brinell, 3/16″ thickness Tensile strength – 190,000 psi, heat treated, abrasion resistant Two sets of dual tandem pneumatic rubber tires, size – 5.30 x 6 six ply mounted in line, walking beam mounted Heavy Duty alloy steel hitch arms, tapered roller bearings in rim rolls, roller thrust bearings in side rolls Central Hydraulic System – hydraulic hand pump (3-pistons) controls screed hoist, shutoff gate, hitch arms Hopper – Capacity – 3 tons Shut-off gate – coordinated double clam shell type with ¾” overlap Hooper opening: 13-1/2″

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Working With: Washington County

Entity Contact: Toni Snyder