Periodic Assessments

Bridgeport Housing Authority CT
Due Date : Ongoing

The NYCDOE on behalf of the Division of Teaching and Learning is seeking proposals from organizations experienced in providing a wide range of assessment services for the Periodic Assessment (PA) program. The goal of the PA program is to provide a portfolio of high-quality assessment tools to support educators in reflecting on information about their students’ learning and encouraging collaborative conversation about teaching and planning through the use of common grade-level assessments. There are seven components to this solicitation. Proposers may address one or more component(s) listed below. Any proposal for any one of these components must demonstrate the capacity to perform all of the services proposed within that component and meet all of NYCDOE’s specifications in the final deliverables. (1) Assessment Development (2) Translation Services (3) Graphic design, Layout, and Copy Editing Services (4) Printing, Packaging, and Distribution Services (5) Professional Development (6) Psychometric and/or Research Services (7) Pre-Designed Assessment Tools THERE IS NO FEE FOR THIS MTAC.

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