Re-Roofing of Three County Buildings at Three Separate Locations

Merced County CA
Due Date : Ongoing

In general, this project comprises the removal of existing roofing, repairs to water damage structure, and replacement of roofs using built-up roofing, or single-ply roofing, at three County facilities in Merced, Winton, California, as follows: 1. Fleet Service Facility, located at the County Center III, 880 Thornton Road, Merced, CA. Roofing:Single-Ply Membrane 2. Veterans Cove Picnic Shelter, located at Lake Yosemite Park, 5714 N. Lake Road, Merced, CA. Roofing:Built-Up 3. Winton Park Picnic Shelter, located at 7000 Olive Avenue, Winton, CA. Roofing:Built-Up

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Working With: Merced County

Entity Contact: Kim Nausin