RFP Code Compliance Special Magistrate

RFX RFP-009-19-0-2019/JJY
City of Key West FL
Due Date : Wednesday July 17th, 2019

The City of Key West is seeking Special Magistrate Services to provide the following: conduct monthly hearings; sit as impartial hearing officer to determine if violation exists; will review & understand all relevant codes, ordinances & statutes relative; ensure fundamental due process; take testimony from any witness as needed; issue findings as soon as practicable after hearing “Please see bid link for more information” https://www.demandstar.com/supplier/bids/Bid_Detail.asp?_PU=%2Fsupplier%2Fbids%2FDefault%2Easp%3F_RF%3D1%26F%3Dsearch&bi=361214

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Working With: City of Key West

Entity Contact: Sue Snider
Email: ssnider@keywestcity.com