Vocational Support Services Concept Paper

New York City NY
Due Date : Ongoing

A solicitation will be issued seeking experienced vendors to provide vocational support services to individuals with developmental disabilities residing in NYC. Contractors will provide time-limited services to New York City residents with developmental disabilities, age 18 and above, designed to assist them in preparing for, attaining and/or maintaining competitive employment. Eligible individuals under this initiative would also be ineligible to receive or are waiting to be deemed eligible to receive, similar services under the auspices of the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) or other publicly funded programs. Individuals may receive full or part-time services for up to 12 months. Contractors will provide a range of services which may include client recruitment, individualized vocational assessment and counseling, development of pre-employment skills, career exploration, resume preparation, travel training, job skills training, community experiences (e.g., non-work activities including volunteer experiences), education and counseling around benefits management, job coaching, placement assistance and other related services. Contractors will be required to submit quarterly reports detailing the following types of information: • Methods and outcomes used for evaluating program service quality, including results of participant surveys and of monitoring/tracking participant gains during and following program participation. • Methods and outcomes of ongoing quality improvement activities, including integration of promising and evidence-based practices into program services. • Statistical data on numbers of individuals referred for services, enrolled and discharged from program, referred to alternative programs, and competitively employed. • Community partnerships developed and maintained. • Level of service reports.

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