Whitford HVAC Upgrade and Roof Replacement Design

RFX P34048-19-0023-19
Beaverton School District OR
Due Date : Tuesday July 9th, 2019

This Solicitation is for the purpose of retaining a Design Team to design a complete HVAC upgrade and roof replacement at Whitford Middle School located at 7935 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton OR 97008. The project is described below. The selected Consultant shall provide all labor, materials, plant, equipment, transportation and other facilities and services as necessary and/or required to execute all of the Work. “Please see bid link for more information” http://orpin.oregon.gov/open.dll/showDisplayDocument?sessionID=501271467&disID=2062297&docType=Notice&dis_version_nos=0&doc_search_by=Tend&fromSearchScreen=Y&docTypeQual=TN04

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Working With: Beaverton School District

Entity Contact: Michael Mathews
Email: michael_mathews@beaverton.k12.or.us