Building, Architecture, Construction and Renovation

Sourcewell, a State of Minnesota local government agency and service cooperative, is requesting proposals for Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walks with Related Equipment, Services, and Supplies to result in a contracting solution for use by its Participating Entities."Please see bid link for more information"

The work under this Contract consists of furnishing all labor, tools, equipment,materials, incidentals, superintendents, subcontractor coordination and overhead to perform mechanical repairs, replacements, minor modifications, upgrades, tenant and safety improvements in King County buildings."Please see bid link for more information"

The City of Irving IT Department invites firms specializing in the design and construction of Communication Towers. The work to be performed will consist of furnishing all concrete, steel, appurtenances, tools, equipment, labor and incidentals necessary to install complete in place five (5) Communication...

The City is soliciting bids from licensed contractors to provide a complete overhaul of existing 245-ton Carrier 19XRV Chiller and provide and install a new refrigerant leak monitor to replace failed module."Please see bid link for more information"

M-NCPPC is seeking the services of a qualified Construction Management firm to provide pre-construction services and construction services for the rehabilitation of Concord Manor and associated improvements (Project)."Please see bid link for more information"