City of Pittsburg
Due Date : Friday July 19th, 2019

The City of Pittsburg is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants to conduct an audit of the books of four (4) hotels and motels in the City of Pittsburg to ensure proper reporting of Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) of the City. The audit shall be made in accordance...

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation
Due Date : Friday July 19th, 2019

IPTC is solicitating proposals from qualified firms to provide regularly scheduled and special service cash/coin collection and deposit services in accordance with the scope of work provided in the solicitation. "Please see bid link for more information"

City of El Paso
Due Date : Wednesday June 26th, 2019

In order to view or download the solicitation and amendments you must be signed-up and signed-on. Downloading a bid solicitation does not obligate a vendor to bid but we do however, record your access to this site for our records. Please note that construction bids...

Miami Parking Authority
Due Date : Monday June 24th, 2019

The Department of Off-Street Parking for the City of Miami d/b/a Miami Parking Authority, ("MPA" or the "Authority") is seeking Proposals for Financial Advisor Services from qualified Financial Advisor firms. This Request for Proposal (RFP) contains specific information about the scope of services, submission requirements and selection procedures. "Please...

Department of Health and Human Services
Due Date : Tuesday July 16th, 2019

The Department's goal is to improve the health of all North Carolinians through an innovative, whole-person centered, and well-coordinated system of care, which purchases health while addressing both medical and non-medical drivers of health. "Please see bid link for more information"

Department of Public Instruction
Due Date : Monday July 1st, 2019

North Carolina 2011-12 Appropriations Act includes an appropriation for the establishment of a single State-funded professional liability insurance policy for all North Carolina school employees. This includes public and charter school employees and employees of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The North Carolina State...